Can I Die of Nephrotic Syndrome

Can I die of Nephrotic Syndrome? This question has been put forward by many Nephrotic Syndrome patients. Here I will tell you that you can not, but why Nephrotic Syndrome patients have a high rate of more

Is Nephrotic Syndrome Life Threatening

Once we get ill, it is prone for us to worry about our life expectancy. Is Nephrotic Syndrome life threatening? If you have such a doubt, go on reading to learn more information. Nephrotic Syndrome more

What Might Happen to Nephrotic Syndrome Patients When They Grow up

Question: My brother is 10 years old and he has Nephrotic Syndrome. He used to get treatment of it at hospital once and then his body became okay. But then recently his body showed that syndrome more

Risk of Getting Pregnant with Nephrotic Syndrome

To have a kid is a very important thing for a couple. But for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, is there any risk of getting pregnant? Read on to learn more information. What are the risks of getting more

Can A Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Give Birth

Can a Nephrotic Syndrome patient give birth? Being afraid that pregnancy can put extra stress on kidneys and worsen the current kidney condition, patients usually have a lot of concerns. In this more

Nursing Care for Children On Steroids In Nephrotic Syndrome

Steroid therapy is the common treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome. Also nursing care is also important. Well then, what should be the nursing care plan for children with steroids in Nephrotic Syndrome? more

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