Can Kidney Problems Cause Itching In The Legs

Can kidney problems cause itching in the legs? Yes, skin itching is one of the common complication from kidney disease. Well then, how does itchy skin occur and what is the treatment? The root cause more

Proteinuria Is Reduced In Kidney Failure

Kidney failure can cause proteinuria and many patients are bothered by repeated proteinuria. They try many treatment but can not find a radical therapy. Well then, is there a radical therapy for more

What To Do for Breathing Problem In Dialysis

While you are on dialysis, you may experience problems. And breathing problem is one of the complications. Severe breathing problem can threaten your life. Well then, what to do for breathing problem more

Is Blurred Vision Common In Kidney Failure

Is blurred vision common in kidney failure? Yes, it is. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading cause of kidney disease. They are also the leading causes of loss of vision. If your kidney more

How To Treat High Phosphorus In Dialysis Patients

More kidney patients will suffer from high phosphorus problem because declined kidney function can not regulate the metabolism of phosphorus. The obvious sign of high blood phosphorus level is itchy more

Why Do Dialysis Patients Feel Cold Than Others

Why do dialysis patients feel more cold than others? There are many reasons why kidney patients on dialysis may find they feel cold at their dialysis centers. Follow us to see the details. 1. Blood more

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