Treating Proteinuria Is Critical for Preventing Uremia

Urine protein is a haunting nightmare. No matter what type of kidney disease you have, proteinuria always follows. To bring it under control, many patients cost a lot of money. But some renal patients more

A Good Control of An Early Clinical Indication of Uremia Can Help You Win Treatment Time

A lot of people are lucky enough to detect kidney disease in the early stage, and with scientific treatment, they get recovery. However, some people have already suffered from renal failure and uremia more

How to Treat Itchiness in ESRD

Patients with renal failure have a large amount of uremic toxins in their bodies. These toxins may lead to atrophy of the skin sweat glands and sebaceous glands of the patients, resulting in the more

What Are the Alternative Medicine for CKD Stage 5

Question: The doctor said that my mother has a CKD stage 5, because of her diabetes. But we are shock because her diabetes was not trace in early, we wasnt know that she has a diabetes. The doctor more

When Will I Need Dialysis with Stage 5 CKD

Just got diagnosed with stage 5 CKD, and was just learning more about it? When Ill need dialysis? Because in early stages of CKD, associated symptoms are not very obvious, so you may not detect the more

Creatinine 3.3 and GFR 14: How Close to Dialysis Am I

Question: I just got back with lab results of creatinine of 3.3 and gfr of 14, how close to dialysis am I? Answer: From your GFR, we can judge that you are in end stage renal disease (ESRD), in which more

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