Can I Stop Dialysis in Kidney Failure Stage

Due to side-effects, more and more patients want to stop dialysis and start an alternative treatment. what treatment can help stop dialysis? Can patients stop dialysis? Why start dialysis? Dialysis is more

Will hematuria and protein urine surely cause renal failure

Blood in urine, also called as hematuria, combined with protein urine are to index worries renal patients. some patients may start kidney diseases with these two index abnormal until the end stage more

Kidney Disease fail to develop into uremia, because they did these seven thing

What scare you when you suffer from kidney diseases? most people may say, uremia. Yes, we all afraid of it. But there are a group of patients, through their hard work, can control the kidney disease more

What is Dialysis: Overview of Dialysis

Dialysis is one of the final choice for patients with kidney disease, especially in kidney failure stage. It can replace the insufficient kidney to remove wastes and fluid out. There are two kinds of more

Why There Is Weakness After Dialysis

Do you feel tired after dialysis? Actually this is a common complaint of dialysis patients. Why there is weakness after dialysis? And how to improve it? After reading this article, you will find out more

Can I Miss One Dialysis Session

Can I miss one dialysis session? Due to various reasons, you can not go for dialysis at this time, in such a case, you can miss one session, but periodically missing dialysis sessions can become a more

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