How To Deal With Proteinuria 6.75g In Diabetic Nephropathy

Proteinuria is one typical sign of Diabetic Nephropathy. It requires effective treatment. Well then, how to deal with proteinuria 6.75g in diabetic kidney disease? We give you a patient story in which more

Is Cauliflower Good for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Cauliflower is considered to be a healthy vegetable that is low in carbs and high in nutrients. Is it good for Diabetic Nephropathy patients? After reading this article, you will find out the answer. more

Systematic Chinese Medicine Treatment Works for Diabetic Nephropathy

A diabetic nephropathy patient comes to our hospital for systematic Chinese medicine treatment. Well then, how is the effect? Lets read his story. Mr Zhao is a Diabetic Nephropathy patient. Before more

Can I Take Sweet Food in Diabetic Nephropathy

Patients with diabetes or diabetic nephropathy often want to know whether they can intake some sweet food? Is it available for them? Can this kind of food lead to blood sugar increase? How many can more

One Month Treatment Gives Renal Patient From Pakistan A Miracle

A renal patient from Pakistan was discharged from our hospital yesterday. One month of Chinese medicine treatment gives him a surprise. Before taking our treatment, his creatinine level is 8.6 and more

Is Diabetic Nephropathy Curable

Diabetic Nephropathy is a type of progressive kidney disease caused by years of uncontrolled diabetes. Is it curable? Read on to learn more information. Honestly speaking, Diabetic Nephropathy is more

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