Can I Stop Dialysis in Kidney Failure Stage

Due to side-effects, more and more patients want to stop dialysis and start an alternative treatment. what treatment can help stop dialysis? Can patients stop dialysis? Why start dialysis? Dialysis is more

How to Recover Kidney Function for CKD Stage 3 Patients

Question: Hi my daughter is 21 and has stage 3 kidney disease. Do you have any suggestions on how she can recover her kidney function? Answer: Stage 3 CKD means GFR ranges from 30 to 60. In general, more

What Treatment Is Good in Natural Treatment

Due to side-effects of dialysis, due to toxins build up in body, patients want a natural treatment to improve kidney condition and eliminate toxins in body. Which treatment is good? After years of more

Cure Skin Itching with Natural Treatment in Kidney Failure Stage

Skin itching is a common complication in kidney disease, and it is dangerous in kidney failure stage because of the risk of infection. How to cure skin itching? Can natural treatment achieve that? more

Can A Kidney Heal Itself

As we all know, our skin and liver can regenerate themselves when they are damaged. Then can A kidney heal itself? Actually it can. As long as the damage degree is not beyond its self-healing ability, more

Can Kidney Failure Patients Drink Apple Juice

Apple juice is a good thing in providing nutrients and improve immune system. But, kidney failure patients are asked to keep a strict diet control and can they eat apple juice? Well, about apple, more

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