Can Beet Juice Be Used With Stage 4 CKD

Benefits of beet juice are powerful. People use beet juice as a home remedy for overall health although these may be lack of enough scientific proof. Well then, can beet juice be used with stage 4 CKD more

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure in Kidney Failure Stage

High blood pressure can lead to a severe condition of kidney disease and exacerbate physical condition. What should we do to manage blood pressure condition and slow down the progression of kidney more

Cure Protein Urine in Kidney Failure Stage with Natural Treatment

Protein urine will cause urine looks foamy, and will cause anemia due to leaking albumin. What can we do to cure protein in urine? Which treatment is effective and without side-effect? Protein urine more

Avoid Uremia with Following Three Tips

There are only one in ten known that they are in kidney diseases. And most of kidney disease patients live in a normal life. But the patients known their condition living in a life with afraid. more

How Serious Is Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage 3. Need to know what I need to do about this and how serious is it? If you are also troubled by such a disease, the following information will be helpful more

How to Manage High Blood Pressure with Daily Life Change and Medicine

Many people with high blood pressure are living in a life with stress. They are afraid of eating wrong thing and over eating salt and sugar. What should they do to manage high blood pressure with more

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