Can You Consume Orange Juice With Kidney Disease

A renal diet is generally prescribed for those suffering from chronic kidney disease. In general, fruit juice can play an important role in a renal diet. Well then, can you consume orange juice with more

Necessary Things in Doing Urine Test

Nephrologues warn: pay attention to these falls when collect 24 hour urine We have all reasons to believe that kidney patients are familiar to urine. Because in most condition, their diseases and more

Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Carrot

Diabetes and diabetic nephropathy patient have many limitations in food intake, and many patients may wonder, can we intake carrot, which rich in vitamin? The carrot is a root vegetable, usually more

Will Nephritis Develop into Uremia? No, Only in These Condition

Question: We all know that chronic kidney disease is irreversible. Then will nephritis develop into Uremia? How long will it develop into Uremia? First, lets talk about nephritis. Nephritis is a more

How to Reduce Protein Urine and Blood Occult? These Two Are Necessary

Have you experience this? Every time you are worried in waiting result, and pay much attention to the albumin and occult blood because these two can reflect the renal condition and prognosis. It is more

Controlling anemia means controlling a half of renal disease? Three tips are effective to anemia

During the treatment of renal disease, anemia troubles both doctor and patients. Some experienced experts will say that renal disease is not hard if we can control the anemia. Different to heart more

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