Will Edema in Polycystic Kidney Disease Get Improved

With the development of the polycystic kidney disease, a serious of complications will occur. Such as edema, protein urine, back pain and so on. The enlarged kidney cyst will cause damage to both kidne...read more

How Can My Kidney Function Be Improved with CKD

CKD is a medical condition in which your kidneys gradually lose their function. In fact, when your kidneys are not damaged so severely, it is possible for you to regain some. How can my kidney function...read more

What’s the Relation Between Renal Disease And Hypertension

We all know hypertensive nephropathy. But, what is the relation between renal disease and hypertension? Actually, hypertension can cause renal tissue and structural change, and changed renal tissue and...read more

How to Read Urine Test

Modern citizens awareness of health increasingly increase. If have condition, every one will have a year physical examination, and some company will arrange one. During these test, urine test is the mo...read more

Why coldrex lead to renal failure

Yesterday, my neighbour told me one of his relations come to hospital and the patient is a child. I asked what kind of disease and why they went so far? The child suffer from renal failure, the cause w...read more

What Is the Early Symptoms of Renal Insufficiency? 6 Tips Help You

Early symptoms of renal insufficiency play an important role in treating chronic kidney diseases. and if we can find it in early stage and get treatment timely, we will achieve a lot. Here are 6 tips t...read more

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