How to Get Kidney Patients to Bring Their Phosphorus in Control

For kidney patients, it is likely for them to have high phosphorus. How to get kidney patients to bring their phosphorus in control? How does kidney disease cause hyperphosphatemia? Phosphorus is an more

12 Methods to Lower Proteinuria

For most kidney patients, they are troubled by proteinuria. How to reduce it or even make it negative? Here we list 12 methods to lower proteinuria. Hope they can help you. 1. Antihypertensive drugs more

To Maintain Stability of Three Indicators Can Keep Uremia far away from You

How to measure whether your medical condition has got improved? In addition to your own feelings, there are several important indicators of judgment. Generally, when these three indicators remain more

Can You Only Change Medication When Proteinuria Gets Relapse Frequently

In the course of kidney disease treatment, many patients have the problem of repeated proteinuria attacks. When most patients encounter such problems, the first solution is to change medicines or more

How to Predict Progression Speed of CKD to Kidney Failure

The progression speed of chronic kidney disease (CKD) has always been the concern of kidney patients. Some kidney disease progresses rapidly, reaching uremia in a few years, while some nephropathy has more

5 Mistakes You May Make in Treating Kidney Disease

In the clinical work of nephrology, we often treat patients who have not relieved urinary protein for a long time. They are not without treatment, but the urinary protein can not be reduced after more

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