What Happens If GFR Is 34

When your GFR is 34, it indicates you are in stage 3 kidney disease. You may experience some symptoms in this stage like poor appetite, swelling, proteinuria and itchy skin, etc. Well then, what to do ...read more

Four Sign of Urine Indicates Kidney Diseases

Urine functioning eliminate metabolism and extra salt and normal urine color is yellow or colorless. But when urine color start to change, it may indicates kidney diseases and further examination is su...read more

Protein and Occult Turn to Negative, And Creatinine Level Reduced Why the Result is Different

Some patients often wonder that why their protein and occult turn to negative, and creatinine level reduced why the result is different. What happened? What should they do to improve their kidney cond...read more

How to Improve the Prognosis of CKD patients

When referring to kidney disease, people think of uremia. And for CKD patients, they are always in panic and afraid of going to uremia. But fact proves that with current medical treatment, almost all C...read more

CKD Stage 3 and Natural Treatment: Reduce Creatinine Level without Dialysis

You may have no idea of which stage you have been in, or, weather you have kidney disease or not. There are so many patients who once diagnosed with kidney disease is already in kidney failure stage, C...read more

Where Can I Find TCM for Kidney Problem In the US

Where can I find locations in the US that administers TCM? What treatment are you taking now? It is for my mother. She was only drinking corn silk tea every day. She refuses dialysis. What is her creat...read more

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