Can A Person Survive at 17 Percent Renal Function

Can a person survive at 17 percent renal function? Yes, but the lower your kidney function, the worse your living quality. I think you do not want that bad days. Now go on reading to lean more more

What Kind Of Diet Should Kidney Disease Patients

Patients suffer from chronic kidney disease want to start a healthy diet to slow down their progression. What kind of diet is suggested to chronic kidney disease patients? If you are diagnosed with more

Reducing High Creatinine Level 850 with Natural Treatment

How to reduce creatinine level 850 with natural treatment? If creatinine level is over 800, it called as uremia, End Stage Renal Disease. What should we do? In this stage, dialysis will be suggested, more

Control blood pressure in Chronic Kidney Disease

Blood pressure in chronic kidney disease is a easy measured index that worth for every patients to pay attention to. What should we do to maintain or reduce blood pressure in chronic kidney disease? more

Stage 3 Kidney Disease: How to Fix It

In stage 3 kidney disease, your kidneys are just damaged moderately, so you still have chance to fix kidney damage and restore some kidney function. How to fix stage 3 kidney disease? After reading more

What Is Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

We may see that Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a TCM hospital and major in treating chronic kidney disease. what is the specific information about Beijing more

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