Can Diet Stop Kidney Function Deterioration

Diet plays an important role in life-maintaining. When we get ill, the function of diet can not be overlooked. Can diet stop kidney function deterioration? Read on to learn more information. Diet can more

Can Excessive Protein Cause You to Have Low GFR

With kidney disease, you have to pay attention to what you eat, because improper intake can make your condition worse. Can excessive protein intake cause you to have low GFR? Read on to learn more more

These 3 Kinds of High Quality Protein Can Help Reduce Proteinuria and Protect Kidneys

Diet control plays an important role in the treatment of kidney disease. A reasonable diet combination can not only reduce renal metabolic pressure, but also guarantee the balance of nutrition for more

Is Celery Juice Safe with CKD

The juice of fresh raw celery is loaded with a variety of nutrients, but not all people can drink it. Is celery juice safe with CKD? Read on to learn more information. Proper celery juice intake can more

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