Can Person with Kidney Sickness Eat Breadfruit

Breadfruits is one of the tropical fruits, which is packed with a number of health benefits. Can person with kidney sickness eat breadfruit? After reading this article, you will get the answer. Proper more

Can I Eat Meat with 29% Kidney Function

There are a lot of diet restrictions for kidney patients. Without caution, it may make your kidney condition worse. Can I eat meat with 29% kidney function? If you are not a vegetarian, this article more

Foods to Increase Kidney Function

Diet is a very important part of kidney disease treatment. A good diet can help you control the disease well and slow down the progression, while a bad diet may make your condition worse. Today lets more

Is There Anything You Can Drink to Improve Kidney Function

Is there anything you can drink to improve kidney function? If you would like to try some herbal tea or something else, go on reading to learn more information. Mai Kang Mixture There is a saying in more

Dietary Therapy for Preventing Gouty Kidney

Long time of gout can cause kidney damage and reduce kidney function. In severe case, it will cause kidney failure. Therefore, when kidney damage occurs, timely treatment is necessary. The following more

Is Chicken Breast Good for CKD

Chicken is not only a popular animal food, but also a great source of health benefits. Is chicken breast good for CKD patients? Lets go on reading to find out the answer. Chicken breast provides high more

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