What Kinds Of Protein Can Kidney Patients Take

How to eat healthily is the most concerned question by kidney patients. We doctors often tell patients to follow a low but high quality protein diet. Well then, what kinds of protein is good for renal ...read more

Can Kidney Patient Eat Guava

Guava is also known as Amrood. It is considered as a super fruit because of its numerous medicinal properties. Can kidney patients eat guava? Read on to learn more information. -Boost immune system Gua...read more

Why Is Butter Bad for Kidney Patients

Kidney patients should pay attention to the food they eat. It is said that butter is bad for kidney patients. Lets see the details. Butter is composed mainly of fats and contains unhealthy cholesterol....read more

Kidney Patients Should Obey A Strict Diet Plan

Strict diet plan plays an important role in kidney treatment. What you eat affects your condition greatly. The following is a dietary suggestion for kidney patients. 1. Low salt diet Salt should not be...read more

Is Beetroot Beneficial for Renal Patients

Some studies show that beetroot is very healthy for the body, so many people add this kind of vegetable into their diet. Is beetroot also beneficial for renal patients? Read on to learn more informatio...read more

How Much Water Should I Drink if I Have Stage Four Kidney Disease

To reduce the workload of the kidneys, kidney patients usually restrict their water intake. How much water should I drink if I have stage four kidney disease? Lets have a quick look in this article. In...read more

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