Can Renal Patients Have Popcorn

Popcorn is the perfect snack in your leisure time such as watching TV, watching a movie. However, is it OK for renal patients to eat popcorn? Yes, generally it is good for renal patients to have more

Can A Kidney Patient Take Tomato

Tomato is a daily eaten vegetable. But for kidney patients who have a lot of diet restrictions, is it still a good choice? Can a kidney patient take tomato? Read on, you will find out the answer. more

Can Grapes Be Eaten if You Have Kidney Problems

Grapes do not only taste amazing, but also are extremely nutritious. That is why this kind of fruit becomes the favorite of many people. Can grapes be eaten if you have kidney problems? Go on reading more

Is Orange Good Or Bad for Kidneys

Oranges are highly beneficial for your body. But with kidney problem, can you still eat orange? Yes, orange in some cases is good for kidney patients. For example: 1. Prevent kidney disease Drinking more

Is Bottle Gourd Good for Kidney

Do you know bottle gourd? It is also known as lauki. It is mostly available in tropical countries. Because of its various health benefits, many people want to add it into their diet. Is bottle gourd more

Is Cabbage Good for Kidney Patients

I like cabbage very much, not only because of its delicious taste, but also its various benefits. How about you? If you are kidney patients, you may wonder whether cabbage is good for kidney patients more

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