Is Lady Finger Useful in Kidney Disease

Lady finger or okra is very popular in India. Nowadays because of its amazing benefits, more and more people in the world add it into their diet. Is lady finger useful in kidney disease? Let us more

Is It Helpful to Take Wheat Grass Powder for Kidney Disease

Is it helpful to take wheat grass powder for kidney disease? If you are looking for some healthy food for your disease, do not miss wheat grass. Now go on reading to learn more information. Benefits more

Is Garlic Good for Kidney Patients

Garlic does not only make food delicious, but also bring you a number of health benefits. But for kidney patients who have a lot of diet restrictions, is garlic good for them? Benefits of garlic for more

How to Start A Correct Diet in Chronic Kidney Disease

Most CKD patients know something about correct diet, such as low salt and protein. But more specific information, they have no idea and have to ask doctor. Meanwhile, there are some people do not know more

Is Fenugreek Safe for Kidney Patients

No matter fenugreek seed or its leaves have a number of benefits. That is why not a few patients want to add it into their treatment. Is fenugreek safe for kidney patients? Go on reading to learn more more

Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice commonly used in cooking. It does not only make your meal delicious, but also brings you numerous benefits. Can kidney disease patients eat cinnamon? Moderate cinnamon intake can more

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