How to Lose Weight if You Have Polycystic Kidneys

2019-01-12 16:01

How to Lose Weight if You Have Polycystic KidneysHow to lose weight if you have polycystic kidneys? To lose weight, the commonly used method is to do exercises regularly. But due to the polycystic kidneys, the cysts are prone to rupture. Then what to do? In this article, let’s have a quick look.

-Before the age of 30, PKD patients usually do not have severe kidney problems. In most cases, there is slight pressure between kidney cysts, but it is not very big, so it is recommended to do some sports with high security, but to avoid contact sports, such as basketball. And some slight and flexible exercise will not affect the kidneys.

-For patients about 40 years old, the cysts produce quite high pressure so that strenuous exercises are prone to causing cyst rupture.

-For patients who have experienced hematuria, morning exercise is dominated by walking or jogging. The activity at ordinary times should pay attention to safety more, because right now cyst is more easy rupture. In order to avoid hematuria to produce again, avoid bending and bumping.

All in all, PKD patients can do some exercises in the daily to improve health condition, but the exercises should be gentle. Besides, it is necessary to follow a renal-friendly diet, which is helpful for weight reduction as well. Such a diet includes a low amount of high quality protein, low salt, low fat, but high vitamins.

And a correct treatment plays an essential part in PKD management.

PKD treatment should not only control symptoms, but also shrink kidney cysts and stop their growth so as to protect kidney function. In our hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a commonly used treatment. This treatment can increase the permeability of cyst wall and pressure difference inside and outside so that fluid can be drawn out, and then kidney cysts will shrink. It can also restrain the abnormal activity of renal tubular epithelial cells and lining cells to stop the cysts from growing up. After about one month’s treatment, kidney condition will get improved greatly. And all associated symptoms will be under control.

How to lose weight if you have polycystic kidneys? Now you get the answer. If you still have any questions on PKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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