Is Levamisole Safe to Use for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Question: My son has Nephrotic Syndrome. Local doctors have advised to use levamisole. Is levamisole safe to use? Answer: Levamisole is a kind of medication to help you strengthen immunity. As we all more

Can Blood in Urine Get Cured in Nephrotic Syndrome with Natural Treatment

Nephritic syndrome is a group of symptoms that include protein in urine, blood in urine, low blood protein, high cholesterol level and swelling. Blood in urine in early stage is hard to be diagnosed. more

Swelling Disappears In Nephrotic Syndrome

Swelling is one common complication from Nephrotic Syndrome. Without proper treatment, it is difficult to be eliminated. However, in our hospital, we can make swelling disappear effectively with a more

Is Cramp Common In Nephrotic Syndrome with Steroids

One Nephrotic Syndrome patient tells me that recently her doctor prescribed her steroids to manage her condition. But she began to suffer from cramp. Is this common? Cramp is a complication of more

Signs of Kidney Lesion That May Lead to Kidney Nephrits and Highly Risk in Uremia

Every day, your kidneys eliminate toxins, and once there is something wrong, toxins build up in your blood and body. Long time of building of toxins will lead to nephritis, without correct treatment, more

Prevention of Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome troubles a lot of people. It can be under control with proper treatment, but the problem is the frequent relapse. In this article, lets have a discussion about the prevention of more

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