Top 10 Tips for Patients After Kidney Transplant

2019-01-27 16:58

Top 10 Tips for Patients After Kidney TransplantThere are various factors affecting the long-term survival of transplanted kidney. Lifestyle is an important part of kidney transplantation. Practice has proved that a good and rhythmic lifestyle is one of the indispensable conditions for long-term healthy survival of Kidney Transplant patients. So what is a healthy lifestyle?

1. No smoking and alcohol

Kidney transplant patients should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

2. Dietetic hygiene

After kidney transplantation, due to high doses of immunosuppressive agents, resistance to external bacteria drops. If you do not eat clean, it is easy to appear abdominal pain, and diarrhea. In severe cases, it can be accompanied by high fever, vomiting, resulting in a large amount of water loss so as to cause dehydration and affect kidney function. Hence the patient should pay attention to dietary hygiene, dine in the home as far as possible, and prevent illness from the mouth.

3. Regular diet

The diet of kidney transplant patients should be regular and moderate.

Eating on time is a good living habit, which is very beneficial to health.

In our long life, the biological clock in our brain has set the daily meal time. Once the meal time arrives, the various systems in our body are fully prepared for food intake, digestion and absorption.

If we eat irregularly for a long time, our biological clock will be disturbed, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and health will be impaired.

In addition, the amount of food should not be too much. Eating 70%-80% full is enough, which not only ensures adequate nutritional supply every day, but also prevents overweight.

4. To avoid going to public places often

Kidney transplant patients with low immune resistance to disease are vulnerable to a variety of pathogenic factors, so it is best not to go to public places so as not to increase the chances of infection.

5. Regular rest

Kidney transplant patients should live a regular life and keep a good rest time. Don't stay up, don't sleep too much in the morning, and have a nap at noon.

6. Small wounds should be treated in time.

For kidney transplant patients, even if there is a small wound, we should pay attention to it. Whether it is skin abrasion, scratch or skin swelling, we should deal with it in time, lest infection spread and endanger life.

7. To avoid over-squeezing of transplanted kidneys

The transplanted kidney is placed in the fossa iliaca, which is shallow from the surface of the body. The surface of the transplanted kidney is only skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscular layer. It lacks the buffering effect of the renal fat sac and is vulnerable to contusion when pressed by external force. Therefore, the protection of this area should be strengthened at ordinary times.

8. Restricted sexual life

After kidney transplantation, sexual function will soon return to normal as kidney function gradually returns to normal. But the frequency of sexual life should have abstaining, to a degree that spirit is good, there is no physical fatigue and back soreness the next day.

9. Fertility issues

The renal function of male renal transplant patients is normal after operation, which has no significant impact on fertility.

Female patients should carefully consider the following factors.

(1) In women, the burden on the kidneys increases later in pregnancy.

(2) Transplanted kidney implanted in iliac fossa is vulnerable to the pressure of enlarging uterus in late pregnancy, which further aggravates the physiological burden of kidney. Proteinuria, edema and even azotemia may occur.

After delivery, the function of transplanted kidney can be improved, but it is difficult for some patients to return to normal renal function.

10. Moderate exercises

Kidney transplant patients should organically combine exercise and rest, and adjust the proportion of exercise and rest according to their physical condition. Too much exercise will aggravate the burden on the kidneys and other major organs, which is harmful to the human body. But too much rest is not good for the body, and sometimes there are complications such as venous thrombosis of the limbs, physical decline and obesity. The sports include walking, jogging and taijiquan. Patients can choose according to their hobbies.

After kidney transplant, you should pay attention to the above 10 aspects if you do not want the transplanted kidney to lose its function quickly. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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