Does It Mean Death If Kidney Transplant Is Not Done After Kidney Failure

2018-11-07 15:31

Does It Mean Death If Kidney Transplant Is Not Done After Kidney FailureDoes it mean death if you do not do kidney transplant after kidney failure? Of course not. In this article, let’s take a look at kidney transplant.

Not all kidney failure patients can do kidney transplant.

-Infection that can’t be treated or keeps coming back

-Active or recently treated cancer

-Serious health condition -- like severe heart disease -- that means they’re not healthy -enough for surgery

-Illness that might limit their life to just a few more years

-Very overweight


-Drug or alcohol abuse

-Hard time remembering to take medicine

-Mental health problems that aren’t easily managed

Kidney transplant is a commonly used treatment for kidney failure patients, but it is not the only one.

Besides transplant, you can do dialysis to maintain your life. Nowadays it is no problem to prolong life over 20-30 years with dialysis. For some patients, they may live longer. Therefore, even if you can not do kidney transplant, you should not give up hope. Besides, you can combine Toxin-Removing Treatment with dialysis to promote living quality.

And even if you can do kidney transplant, it does not mean your uremia is cured. Although dialysis is not needed after successful transplant, once rejection reaction occurs, dialysis has to be restarted. And after transplant, about 30% of renal patients start dialysis again within 10 years. And immunosuppressants have to be taken for all life to prevent rejection. That is why many renal patients even they have kidney donor, they give up transplant.

How to stay away from uremia?

1. Balanced diet

The key to a balanced diet is to achieve a reasonable intake of meat, fruits and vegetables, and not always eat what you want in large quantities, especially spicy, high-fat and high-protein foods. Besides, drinking soup every day is not a good habit.

2. To drink more water and urinate frequently every day

The intake of 2000ml of water per day is a basic requirement. And you should have frequent urination, and avoid holding urine. Holding urine can increase the risk of urinary tract infections, kidney stones and other hazards to the health of the kidney.

3. Safe medication

When catching a cold, headache or some other slight discomforts, many patients take medicine such as antibiotics and painkillers without the instruction of doctors. Those medications may have renal toxicity, which can add insult to injury.

4. To avoid staying up and overworking

Staying up and overworking is not good for the recovery of kidneys so as to make your condition worse.

Now you know that without kidney transplant, you can still lead a normal life. But you had better take treatment timely in early stage of kidney disease so as to halt the progression. For more information on kidney failure treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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