Creatinine Is Rising Uncontrollably for Kidney Transplant Patient: What to Do

2018-10-14 14:59

Question: My mother is a kidney transplant patient. Her creatinine is rising uncontrollably. Doctors in here are telling her to start dialysis. But she is afraid of it. But if we look at the medical reports, only her creatinine is rising, and apart from that everything is all right.

Creatinine Is Rising Uncontrollably for Kidney Transplant Patient: What to DoAnswer: Kidney transplant can help kidney failure patients get rid of dialysis and lead a normal life, but this is not a permanent treatment. After years, due to chronic rejection and other factors, the transplanted kidney may fail to work again. From what you said, we can see that your mother’s creatinine level is rising, which means her kidney function is declining. For her case, it is suggested to find out what on earth is damaging her kidneys, and then she can halt the progression of kidney disease and delay dialysis. What is her creatinine level now?

Creatinine is a waste product passed out of body by kidneys. Because of immense compensatory ability, kidneys can maintain normal creatinine level until over 50% damage occurs. Now her creatinine is rising uncontrollably. Besides creatinine, there must be a lot of waste products in the blood. Those wastes do not only cause kidney damage, but also counteract the effect of medications. Therefore, it is necessary for her to cleanse the blood. Besides dialysis, there are other methods.

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, we use Toxin-Removing Treatment. This is a systemic treatment, which is composed of 9 therapies, such as oral Chinese medicine, external Chinese medicine (such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Steam Therapy, etc.), Ozone Therapy, Cytokine Infusion Therapy, Negative Oxygen Ion Infusion Therapy, etc. Those therapies can work together to eliminate waste products from body. They can also improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys so that enough essential elements such as oxygen, nutrients and active ingredients of medicine can be transported into nidus to speed up kidney recovery. And they can also regulate the immune system and restore the balance of anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory cytokines to reduce renal inflammation and control the disease from getting worse.

After about one week’s treatment, her urine will become smelly and cloudy due to the existence of wastes.

After about half month’s treatment, her creatinine will be reduced by at least 10%.

After about one month’s treatment, her disease will be under control, and renal function will be improved gradually.

What to do if creatinine level is rising uncontrollably for kidney transplant patients? Now you get the answer. For more information on associated treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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