The Best Time for Kidney Transplant

The time for kidney transplant is not that the earlier, the better, nor the later, the better. Then when is the best time for kidney transplant? Go on reading to learn more information. Generally more

What Should We Do in Case of Elevated Blood Sugar After Kidney Transplant

For some renal patients, they may have various complications after kidney transplant. What should we do in case of abnormal blood sugar? Read on to learn more information. The treatment of abnormal more

What Factors Will Affect Long-Term Survival Rate of Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is a better way for kidney failure patients to promote living quality, but it also has some disadvantages, one of which is that the transplanted kidney can only survive several more

Top 10 Tips for Patients After Kidney Transplant

There are various factors affecting the long-term survival of transplanted kidney. Lifestyle is an important part of kidney transplantation. Practice has proved that a good and rhythmic lifestyle is more

Will Getting A Kidney Transplant Stop Dialysis

Are you on dialysis? Do you want to do it for life time? Have you ever thought of stopping dialysis? How to stop dialysis? Will getting a kidney transplant stop dialysis? Read on to learn more more

Does It Mean Death If Kidney Transplant Is Not Done After Kidney Failure

Does it mean death if you do not do kidney transplant after kidney failure? Of course not. In this article, lets take a look at kidney transplant. Not all kidney failure patients can do kidney more

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