Will Getting A Kidney Transplant Stop Dialysis

Are you on dialysis? Do you want to do it for life time? Have you ever thought of stopping dialysis? How to stop dialysis? Will getting a kidney transplant stop dialysis? Read on to learn more informat...read more

Does It Mean Death If Kidney Transplant Is Not Done After Kidney Failure

Does it mean death if you do not do kidney transplant after kidney failure? Of course not. In this article, lets take a look at kidney transplant. Not all kidney failure patients can do kidney transpla...read more

Creatinine Is Rising Uncontrollably for Kidney Transplant Patient: What to Do

Question: My mother is a kidney transplant patient. Her creatinine is rising uncontrollably. Doctors in here are telling her to start dialysis. But she is afraid of it. But if we look at the medical re...read more

Creatinine 2.7 After Kidney Transplant: Is Dandelion Root Tea Good

Question: My husband received a kidney almost 2 years ago and his creatinine has been increasing 2.7. Does he need dialysis now? Is dandelion root tea good to lower creatinine? Answer: From what you sa...read more

How Long Do You Live After A Kidney Transplant

When thinking of the best treatment for kidney failure, kidney transplant may come to your mind. How long do you live after kidney transplant? Read on to learn more information. Kidney transplant is in...read more

Does A Person Post Kidney Transplant Still Have ESRD

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is the worst stage of kidney damage. And kidney transplant is considered to be the best treatment for ESRD patients. Does a person post kidney transplant still have ESRD?...read more

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