What To Do for Breathing Problem In Dialysis

While you are on dialysis, you may experience problems. And breathing problem is one of the complications. Severe breathing problem can threaten your life. Well then, what to do for breathing problem i...read more

Kidney Disease fail to develop into uremia, because they did these seven thing

What scare you when you suffer from kidney diseases? most people may say, uremia. Yes, we all afraid of it. But there are a group of patients, through their hard work, can control the kidney disease in...read more

Can Kidneys Work Again After Dialysis

Dialysis is usually recommended for kidney patients. It can help injured kidneys to discharge some wastes and excess fluid out of your body. But kidneys can not work again after dialysis. On the contra...read more

How To Treat High Phosphorus In Dialysis Patients

More kidney patients will suffer from high phosphorus problem because declined kidney function can not regulate the metabolism of phosphorus. The obvious sign of high blood phosphorus level is itchy sk...read more

How Do Kidney Failure Patients Protect Kidneys

Most chronic kidney failure patients have residual kidney function. Protecting residual kidney function can reduce dialysis times, which is beneficial for balancing electrolyte and reducing the risk of...read more

Better Treatment for Renal Failure In Dialysis

I am a renal failure patient in dialysis for past 6 months. Recently I am suffering from low appetite, lots of body pains. I see. Please do not worry. We can help you. Do you know what causes your kidn...read more

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