Can Protein Urine 2+ in Kidney Failure Stage Be Elevated With Natural Treatment

Protein urine, also called as albuminuria. In some case, protein urine can cause anemia which makes kidney disease more complex to treat. People have brief knowledge about kidney disease attach the more

What To Do for Someone Who Cannot Take Dialysis

My dad is on 4th stage kidney failure and can not undergo dialysis. How can you help me? Dialysis is one common way for kidney failure, but it is not the only option. Some patients are not suitable more

Treat Kidney Disease With Modern Medicine

We all know something about kidney diseases, more or less. This disease affects our normal life. What treatment can be applied in this disease? Can modern medicine cure it? What are the more

Three high risk factors for kidneys that we should watch out

Today, risk factors can be foreseen with the development of the technology and changes of time. For example, we can know earth quake dozens seconds earlier, and foresee typhoon from weather forecast. more

Options Other than Dialysis

Are there options other than dialysis? Because of various factors, more and more renal patients do not want to take dialysis. In this article, I will introduce you some alternatives. If you do not more

What To Do When Kidney Function Is 3%

Kidney function 3% indicates you have been in kidney failure stage. It is a serious stage. You usually have been on dialysis or your doctor suggests to wait for kidney transplant. Well then, what to more

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    Kidney Disease

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