How To Treat Hypertension and Proteinuria In Kidney Failure

Hypertension and proteinuria can cause further kidney damage and speed up the progression into kidney failure. Well then, how to treat proteinuria and hypertension in kidney failure? 1. The following more

Herbs to Reverse Kidney Failure

Are you looking for herbs to reverse kidney failure? Would you like to choose some natural remedies? In this article, I will give you a detailed introduction. Herbs are a main component of Traditional more

How to Get Better and Avoid Dialysis with Kidney Failure

For renal patients, dialysis may be a nightmare for them. Nobody wants to live on it in the rest of life, right? How to get better and avoid dialysis with kidney failure? Read on to find out the more

Kidney Failure With High Creatinine Level 509umol/L: No Dialysis

When you suffer from kidney failure and high creatinine level, the first word coming to your mind is dialysis. Well then, is dialysis your only way? Do you have any other options? Yes, in our hospital, more

How Can You Increase Urine Output with Kidney Failure

With the worsening of kidney failure, you will produce less and less urine, and your living quality will decrease as well. How can you increase urine output with kidney failure? Read on to learn more more

How To Treat Gouty Nephropathy Effectively

Gewa is from Papua New Guinea and suffers from gouty nephropathy. And gout has led to uremia. In order to seek better treatment, he comes to our hospital-Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional more

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