These 5 Kinds of Kidney Failure Can Be Treated Well

2018-09-15 15:29

These 5 Kinds of Kidney Failure Can Be Treated WellChronic renal failure is extremely difficult to recover. Creatinine is easy to rise, but difficult to decrease. However, we often see some patients with renal failure clinically. Their renal function can be restored and creatinine can be reduced to normal. Why?

Blood flows through the glomeruli, passes through the renal tubules, and is excreted as urine through the ureter. This is the process that kidneys discharge toxins from body. If kidney function decreases and the process cannot be completed, there are two reasons: first, renal cell necrosis, and second, renal cell temporarily loses its function due to damage.

If the cause is the latter, creatinine can be reduced and renal function can be restored.

Which kinds of renal patients can restore renal function?

1. To have complications

These are the most common, such as infections and high blood pressure, which can rapidly worsen kidney function. With timely anti-infection and blood pressure treatment, renal function can be restored.

2. Urinary tract obstruction

Obstruction can lead to hydronephrosis and damage kidney function. Kidney patients with tumors, urinary stones, prostate hypertrophy, and so on, can appear hydronephrosis and urinary retention, leading to renal function decline. After removing the obstruction, the kidney can resume its function.

3. Renal hypoperfusion

The kidney is an oxygen-consuming organ, and when hypoperfusion occurs and leads to kidney ischemia, renal function decreases. For example, blood loss, dehydration, hypotension, excessive sweating, poor food intake, vomiting, severe diarrhea, large amounts of hydrothorax and ascite, low plasma protein and so on. They can cause kidney hypoperfusion. If it is corrected promptly, kidney function can be restored.

4. Drugs

Nephrotoxic drugs, such as certain antibiotics, antipyretic analgesics, anti-tumor drugs, contrast agents, anesthetics and some traditional Chinese medicines, can cause renal tubular injury or poisoning. Renal function can be recovered after the withdrawal of nephrotoxic drugs and symptomatic treatment.

5. Active stage of kidney disease

Some kidney diseases have an active period, during which the condition suddenly worsens and renal function drops sharply, such as lupus nephritis, crescent nephritis, and vasculitis associated nephritis. If treated in time and with proper medication, renal function can be mostly recovered.

It is important to note that within two to four weeks, these kidney injuries tend to become chronic and difficult to recover, and then the kidney disease may enter the uremia stage sooner or later. So when these circumstances appear, you must go to the hospital in time, and receive treatment as soon as possible. For more information on kidney failure treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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