Can Painkillers Cause Kidney Failure

Painkillers are commonly used drugs in the daily to relieve pains, such as headache, joint pain, muscle cramp, etc. Can painkillers cause kidney failure? Some studies show that overuse of painkillers more

Crescent Glomerulonephritis May Develop into Complete Kidney Failure Within Several Months

Kidney disease is usually a chronic disease, however, there is a nephropathy, for some reasons, it progresses rapidly. It is rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, also known as crescent more

These Drugs Are Extremely Harmful to the Kidneys

These drugs are extremely harmful to the kidneys. Do not want to have kidney failure? Stay away from these drugs! Drug-induced acute renal failure is mainly caused by the direct toxicity of drugs or more

3 Kinds of Drug Abuse May Cause Kidney Failure

The following 3 kinds of common medicine is prone to kidney injury if you do not follow the doctors advice. In severe case, they may cause renal failure. Therefore, be careful when you take them. 1. more

Four Groups of People with Proteinuria Show the Highest Risk of Renal Failure

Clinically, acute renal failure is associated with a large amount of urinary protein leakage. On the one hand, when a large amount of urinary protein is released from the glomerular filtration more

5 Critical Moments Increase the Risk of Kidney Failure

Kidneys are very susceptible to be damaged, for example, by catching a cold, taking medication, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high blood sugar level, etc. In order to work on even more

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