What to Do When Kidney Cysts Put You on Stage 4 Kidney Disease

Are you suffering from kidney cysts? When they become larger and larger, they can destroy the kidney tissues around and impair kidney function. What to do when kidney cysts put you on stage 4 kidney di...read more

Can You Heal Cyst in Kidneys

Can you heal cyst in kidneys? If you have kidney cysts, you may be interested in this topic. Now go on reading to learn more information. First of all, you should find out what causes your kidney cysts...read more

Is There Any Possibility to Recover Kidney Cysts

Is there any possibility to recover kidney cysts? If you have simple kidney cysts, there is nothing to worry about, because they usually do no harm to your health, but if you have polycystic kidney dis...read more

Is A Kidney Cyst Measuring 4x4x5 cm Large Enough to Be Drained

Question: I just want to know if a kidney cyst measuring 4x4x5 cm is large enough and need to be drained? Or surgery? Answer: Renal cysts generally do not require treatment unless they are causing symp...read more

Treatment for Ruptured Kidney Cyst

As the growth of renal cyst or when you are under trauma, it is likely for cyst to suffer from rupture. What is the treatment for ruptured kidney cyst? Read on to learn more information. Symptoms of ru...read more

Treatment Apart from Surgery for Kidney Cysts

I have kidney cysts. Can you advise me of treatment apart from surgery? For some patients with simple kidney cyst or polycystic kidneys, they do not want to take invasive treatment to shrink cysts, so ...read more

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