If Kidney Becomes Small in Size, What Does It Mean

2019-02-25 17:02

If Kidney Becomes Small in Size, What Does It MeanWhat does it mean if kidney becomes small in size? If you do not know the answer, this article will be helpful for you. Now go on reading to learn more information.

If you have only one kidney shrunk, what does it mean?

There are two kidneys in the human body. If one of them has problems, the other kidney will enlarge and compensate the function of the other, so the effect will not be great. However, the constitution of patients will be slightly worse, which may be related to inflammation or other reasons such as tumor oppression. Further examination should be conducted to find out the cause of kidney atrophy and to preserve its function as much as possible.

If both of your kidneys shrink, what does it mean?

If both kidneys shrink, it may indicate that you have advanced kidney disease. Kidney disease can damage nephrons, the basic unit of kidneys so as to make your kidneys shrink.

How to treat kidney atrophy?

The treatment for kidney atrophy depends on what causes the kidneys to become smaller in the first place. For example, a patient with kidney atrophy due to chronic urinary tract infection would need antibiotics.

For kidney shrinkage caused by renal ischemia and anoxia, you need to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys. For kidney atrophy associated with kidney disease, we usually recommend systemic Chinese medicine treatment - Toxin-Removing Treatment. It makes use of various therapies such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy, Steam Therapy and so on to eliminate waste products and extra fluid from body so as to reduce the workload of kidneys and protect kidneys from being damaged further. It can also improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys and provide essential elements such as oxygen, nutrients and active ingredients of medicine to speed up kidney recovery. Moreover, it can restore the balance of anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory cytokines to reduce renal inflammation and control the disease from getting worse. After a period of treatment, renal disease will be under control, and renal function will get improved gradually.

What does it mean if kidney becomes small in size? It may mean that your kidneys get damaged. Therefore, importance should be attached to kidney atrophy. For more information on kidney shrinkage, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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