How to Stabilize Blood Pressure and Prevent Complications

2018-11-01 17:41

How to Stabilize Blood Pressure and Prevent ComplicationsComplications of high blood pressure can be fatal, for example, stroke and heart failure. Then how to stabilize blood pressure and prevent associated complications?You need to do 3 things well.

Medication for hypertension and prevention of complications should be taken regularly and quantitatively.

The most effective method to control blood pressure is to take anti-hypertensive drugs, which include short-acting and long-acting medications. According to your medical condition, you can choose single medicine or combined medicine for treatment. Currently, there are four types of anti-hypertensive drugs, angiotension-converting enzyme inhibitor

(ACEI), Angiotensin Ⅱ receptor blockers (ARB), Calcium Channel Blockers (CCB), β blockers such as metoprolol, bisoprolol, etc.

There are still some other medicines to prevent cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and other complications, which should be taken together with anti-hypertensive drugs.

To measure blood pressure three times a day

Monitoring blood pressure level is also an important means to prevent and control complications. Usually, it is difficult to feel the fluctuation of blood pressure, while measurement can help you have a clear mind of your blood pressure, therefore, it is suggested to get in the habit of measuring and recording blood pressure, which is helpful to detect abnormal condition, adjust treatment in time, and avoid deterioration of the condition. Besides, to bring blood pressure under 130/80 can greatly reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and other complications.

To develop healthy life habits

We all know that high blood pressure is now more common, and becomes younger in average age, which is closely associated with the unhealthy life habits of young people, for example, staying up, smoking, being stressed, etc. Therefore, to prevent high blood pressure and its complications, you should change the unhealthy life habits. In diet, it should be low in salt, sugar and oil. In life, combine exertion and rest. Proper exercises help speed up blood circulation, and reduce pressure on blood vessels. Besides, to keep a positive attitude and learn to relax.

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