What’s the Relation Between Renal Disease And Hypertension

2017-07-25 15:40

relation between high blood pressure and kidney diseases

We all know hypertensive nephropathy. But, what is the relation between renal disease and hypertension?

Actually, hypertension can cause renal tissue and structural change, and changed renal tissue and structural can increase the blood pressure. These two elements act as reciprocal causation and exacerbate each other. Both renal diseases and high blood pressure are common diseases. There are 20% of total population suffer from high blood pressure. And due the lifestyle improved, renal disease also become a public disease which involved 10% adult, but now, it has a younger trend which means can occur in child.

So, we said so much, what’s the relationship between high blood pressure and chronic kidney diseases?

Why high blood pressure can cause renal diseases? If blood pressure increases, in a long term, it can lead to kidney failure, and reduce the life quality. In this point, to prevent renal damage, we should control blood pressure strictly. Besides, renal diseases can cause high blood pressure. What about the possibility of high blood pressure cause renal diseases? Actually, there is no standard or correct rates for it, because high blood pressure has a long development and cause many other complications. If blood pressure is already high, the possibility of renal diseases are higher.

There are some diet and lifestyle:

Besides medical treatment, normal diet and lifestyle change can also improve the condition. Avoid bad habit and wrong food can reduce the progression of renal disease and high blood pressure. So, it is necessary for every one to get rid of smoking, drinking and keep a regular exercise.

Suitable food:

1. high-quality protein and vitamin, such as fish, egg, and meat.

2. hypertensive nephropathy patients should eat foods containing potassium (Note: for normal renal function). potassium can reduce the affect of sodium. Food. Soybean, bean, tomato, squash, celery, fresh mushrooms and green leafy vegetables; fruits are oranges, apples, pears, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, persimmon, walnut, etc.

3. eat food can reduce blood pressure and blood lipid lowering effect of food, such as celery, cabbage, radish, carrot, jellyfish onion, garlic, kelp, hawthorn, chestnut, banana, etc.

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