With High Creatinine, How to Stabilize Kidney Function and Keep Away from Kidney Failure

2018-12-02 00:42

With High Creatinine, How to Stabilize Kidney Function and Keep Away from Kidney FailureElevated creatinine level means kidney function has been impaired. In addition to paying attention to indicators such as blood pressure, hemoglobin level and urine volume, you should take adjuvant therapies, such as diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk of kidney disease deterioration, and ensure the stability of creatinine and kidney function. What else can you do?

Some doctors may use Chinese patent medicines, such as niaoduqing and aixite to clear creatinine and other toxins from the blood so as to avoid the damage to organs. But if you want to use this kind of treatment to slow down the progression of kidney disease, it is useless.

Dialysis are indeed helpful to reduce creatinine level, but it may speed up kidney damage. For those patients with creatinine 300-500, it is unnecessary to start dialysis. Starting dialysis too early is easy to lose more than to gain.

The above two methods can not be wrong, but their disadvantages often outweigh their advantages. What we need to do is to find a more effective way to reduce creatinine, delay the decline of renal function and protect the residual renal function from the root cause of creatinine elevation.

Creatinine is one of the indicators of renal function decline. Some patients may think that when creatinine and proteinuria are reduced, they will not get uremia. But actually when they should do is to slow down the decline of kidney function.

Why does kidney function decrease?

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that “the excessive substances are toxins". That is to say, no matter harmful substances or nutrients, as long as they accumulate in the body and beyond the excretion capacity of body, will be converted into toxins. If toxins can not be discharged timely, they will cause kidney disease over time.

From the point view of western medicine, all kinds of bad living habits and pollutants destroy the function of human oxidase, resulting in oxidative stress reaction of cells in the body, which leads to the decline of human antioxidant capacity and accumulation of a large number of immune complexes in the body, triggering inflammation, which impairs renal function, and then abnormal creatinine, proteinuria and other indicators will appear.

At this time, if we can use western medicine such as niaoduqing and aixite to remove toxins from the body, and meanwhile to use Chinese medicine sch as Steam Therapy and Medicated Bath to improve the blood microcirculation of the kidney, and remove the immune complex accumulated in the body so as to eliminate the factors that damage the kidney, and then the decline rate of renal function can be greatly delayed, and creatinine level and proteinuria will be reduced.

Now you know how to stabilize kidney function and keep kidney failure away with high creatinine. Note: the information above is for educational purposes only. For specific treatment suggestions, please consult a physician.

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