Three Ways to Reduce Creatinine Levels

2018-11-16 01:48

Three Ways to Reduce Creatinine LevelsCreatinine is a waste product of muscle metabolism in the body. The more accumulation of creatinine, the heavier the burden on the kidneys, and the more unfavorable it is to the protection of renal function. Clinically, active medication can completely reduce creatinine, thereby reducing the damage to renal function. Here are three ways to reduce creatinine levels.

-To reduce meat intake and follow a reasonable diet

Excessive intake of meat will lead to excessive nutrition in the body, which will not only cause the rise of creatinine, but also stimulate the immune inflammatory response in the kidney. This is not conducive to maintaining the stability of renal function, thus causing the further rise of creatinine. On the basis of sticking to the principles of diet, kidney patients should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetable in ordinary times, and it is better to consume no more than 100g meat per day. Avoid animal offal, and eat more fruits and vegetables, which is rich in dietary fiber. This is conductive to the maintenance of renal function and the lowering of creatinine level.

-To reduce creatinine through other pathways such as the intestinal tract

The rise in serum creatinine is due to a decrease in renal filtration function and the inability to timely metabolize toxins. When the kidney cannot perform its function adequately, other organs can be selected to replace part of the function. The intestinal tract is not only the digestive system but also the metabolic system, which can speed up the elimination of redundant creatinine through the traditional Chinese medicine Enema Therapy.

-The combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine can help reduce creatinine level more effectively.

Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicines have their own advantages in the field of lowering creatinine. Most of kidney patients are using western drugs to control creatinine, such as Niaoduqing, shenshuaikang, carbon tablets, diuretics and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is mainly used to regulate qi and blood, remove stasis and promote blood circulation, which can help relieve renal ischemia and anoxia so as to slow down the progression of kidney disease, achieving the purpose of lowering creatinine.

All of these methods can effectively reduce the creatinine value, but to keep the level stable, you should protect renal function and prevent associated complications.

Note: Although serum creatinine is an indicator of renal function, it is not sensitive. Therefore, when renal patients present these conditions, the disease may have deteriorated and the level of creatinine is already elevated. Don't be careless:

1. Weakness and fatigue. 2. Decreased urine volume 3. Sudden increase of blood pressure 4. Proteinuria and swelling get worse. 5. Pale skin.

The above information is written by Shirley Lee, and medically reviewed by Professor Zhang Daning. If you want to consult Pro.Zhang any questions on high creatinine, proteinuria, high blood pressure and other kidney disease, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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