Can Chinese Medicine Really Reduce High Creatinine and Proteinuria

2018-11-06 15:00

Can Chinese Medicine Really Reduce High Creatinine and ProteinuriaThe most concerned problems of kidney patients are high creatinine level and proteinuria. Can Chinese medicine really reduce high creatinine and proteinuria?

Under general circumstances, most renal patients choose steroids and immunosuppressants to reduce proteinuria, and choose ketosteril and medicinal charcoal to reduce creatinine. It seems that western medicine is more popular.

In fact, in Chinese medicine, there are also immunosuppressants, such as Tripterygium wilfordii. But during the application process, single use of one medicine can not work well, either the effect is not ideal or the toxicity is too large, which is one of the reasons why Chinese medicine emphasizes dialectical treatment.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in treating kidney disease is often used in combination to eliminate its toxicity and improve the efficacy.

In addition, rhubarb is almost indispensable to delay the progression of renal failure, whether it is shenshuanning, urine toxic cleaning or a prescription prescribed by doctors. Of course, it also needs the "dialectical treatment" of the doctor.

How does Chinese medicine eliminate proteinuria and reduce proteinuria?

The methods of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Medicated Bath, Steam Therapy, Cycle Therapy and Chinese medicine decoction, can remove the toxic and harmful substances in the blood of patients, improve the renal microcirculation and the ischemic and hypoxic state of the kidney, and at the same time, correct renal anemia and fight against renal fibrosis so as to increase the effective perfusion amount of the glomeruli, reduce internal pressure of the glomeruli, and decrease the hyperfitration state of the glomeruli so as to control and delay the process of glomerulosclerosis.

Therefore, Chinese medicine can reduce proteinuria and high creatinine.

But we have to remind you that western medicine can not be replaced.

The symptomatic treatment of western medicine combined with the characteristic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can go directly to the lesion and delay the course of kidney disease to the greatest extent.

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