Proteinuria 3+ Turned Negative, and Creatinine 306 Was Normalized: How to Do It

2018-09-06 17:54

Proteinuria 3+ Turned Negative, and Creatinine 306 Was Normalized: How to Do ItAt the end of December 2016, Mr. Liu, 27 years old, was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis after he went to the hospital for examination due to leg edema. At that time, he did not realize how severe his medical condition was, so he did not choose hospitalization.

Hearing that diuretic is good, he took it for nearly 1 year, during which edema got improved now and then. Mr.Liu thought as long as he kept on treatment, he would get well, so he still did not want to be hospitalized.

At the beginning of march this year, with his wife's constant persuasion, Mr. Liu came to our hospital for review. Lab report showed that proteinuria was 3+ and creatinine had reached 306 umol/L at this time, accompanied by symptoms such as heart palpitations, hypertension and decreased appetite.

Looking at the test sheet in his hand and his wife and daughter around him, he suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem, no longer regarded his work as life, and finally chose hospitalization.

Now his blood pressure is steady, swelling disappears, creatinine becomes normal, and even refractory proteinuria turns negative.

After seeing this story, I want to tell renal patients who have the similar condition with Mr.Liu that

1. It is not wise to wait for dialysis or kidney transplant.

When you go to see doctors, steroids are often prescribed to control illness condition. When creatinine level is high enough, dialysis is to be started or kidney transplant is to be done. Therefore, many renal patients think that what they should do is just to wait.

It is unwise to simply look at creatinine values to determine whether or not to dialysis.

One is that the measurement of creatinine is affected by age, muscle content, diet, etc., and the value is not accurate. Second, in addition to looking at the level of creatinine and the rate of glomerular filtration, dialysis should take into account the physical condition of the patient.

For example, a person's glomerular filtration rate is greater than 15ml/min and creatinine is less than 707, but serious complications such as hypertension, edema and hyperkalemia have occurred, in such a case, dialysis should be started as soon as possible.

2. To take professional treatment as early as possible

Once you detect the disease, seek treatment as early as possible. Elevation of creatinine and proteinuria indicate that kidneys have been damaged. Do not ignore these indicators.

As to the treatment, you must seek professional hospital and doctor for accurate diagnosis and making effective treatment plan. Besides, take medicine and diet according to the doctor’s advice. If you have any problems, consult a doctor in time.

3. Not to reject Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Medicated Bath, colonic dialysis, moxibustion, and other kidney medication is often used to remove toxins from the blood and kidney, repair damaged pathological tissues and restore renal function. With the improvement of renal function, creatinine level will reduce naturally.

All in all, if you also want to turn proteinuria 3+ negative, and normalize creatinine 306, you should take treatment timely. For more information on treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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