Don't Fall into the 3 Scams of Reducing Creatinine

2018-08-19 15:15

Don't Fall into the 3 Scams of Reducing CreatinineDon’t fall into the 3 scams of reducing creatinine. They won’t help you get well from kidney disease. On the contrary, they may make your disease get into uremia faster.

In addition to urinary protein, creatinine level may be the most concerned index. Creatinine is different from urinary protein, which, though leaking, can damage the kidney, but does not impair kidney function for a short period of time. While the elevated creatinine itself means kidney function is damaged. At this time, without timely treatment, dialysis is just around the corner.

In such a critical time, many people may rush to see doctors who claim to be able to reduce creatinine, and fall into the scams.

Today we're going to reveal a couple of scams to reduce creatinine. Hope you won’t be fooled.

1. Drug interference method

When using the creatine oxidase assay, calcium hydroxybenzenesulfonate can interfere with the results of the creatinine assay, making the final results lower than normal and giving the appearance of creatinine reduction.

2. Starvation method

Creatinine is a metabolite of muscle. If a person eats a vegetarian diet for a long time and the amount of muscle decreases, the value of creatinine will decrease, but it has nothing to do with kidney function.

3. Dilution method

If a large amount of fluid is injected into a human vein for a short period of time, or if a large amount of water is drunk, it will dilute the blood, which will also lower the level of creatinine.

Therefore, the correct understanding of creatinine is essential to prevent patients from being cheated.

Increased creatinine is due to impaired renal function, so the best way to treat creatinine is to control the risk factors for kidney damage and eliminate symptoms. Only in this way can you stabilize creatinine level and prevent it increasing.

While the impaired renal function can not be restored, so creatinine level won’t decrease.

The best way to treat creatinine is to prevent it from rising and to stabilize it in an already elevated level. Instead of racking your brains, try to find a way to get it down, and if it does, it's not what you really want.

If you have problems with increased creatinine and don't know what to do, you can leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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