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Herbal Medicine to Reduce Creatinine Level 5

In western medicine, there is not specific treatment for elevated creatinine level. Here we want to introduce you herbal medicine to reduce creatinine level 5. Hope it can help you. Creatinine is a more

What Can We Do to Avoid Dialysis with Creatinine 4

Question: Hi my dad creatinine level is 4 his doctor said theres a possibility of a dialysis? What can we do to avoid it ? Answer: Creatinine 4 is very high, but it does not mean the patient has to more

Can I Survive if My Creatinine Level Is 8.5

When creatinine level is very high, your life may be threatened. Can I survive if my creatinine level is 8.5? After reading this article, you will find out the answer. Creatinine level 8.5 is more

Chinese Medicine Lowers High Creatinine Level Within 15 Days

Not a few renal patients are troubled by high creatinine level and looking for remedies to lower it. Here we recommend you to try Chinese medicine, which can help lower high creatinine level within 15 more

Can Creatinine 4.3 Come Down to A Normal Range on Treatment

Can creatinine 4.3 come down to a normal range on treatment? If your creatinine level is around 4.3 and want to normalize it, this article will be helpful for you. First of all, I have to tell you more

What Will Be the Treatment When Patient Is Having 9.2 Serum Creatinine Level

What will be the treatment when patient is having 9.2 serum creatinine level? To start dialysis or wait for kidney transplant? If you do not want either of them, go on reading to learn more treatment. more

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