How to Reduce Creatinine Level and Avoid Uremia

For kidney patients, proteinuria may be just a piece of cake, while creatinine is a serious matter, because once it increases, it means kidneys begin to fail. What to do when creatinine elevates? more

Proteinuria 3+ Turned Negative, and Creatinine 306 Was Normalized: How to Do It

At the end of December 2016, Mr. Liu, 27 years old, was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis after he went to the hospital for examination due to leg edema. At that time, he did not realize how more

Creatinine 8.3: Is It Treatable Without Dialysis

Question: Hello, sir. I am suffering renal failure. Creatinine level is 8.3. Is it treatable without dialysis? Answer: Elevated creatinine level is a result of kidney failure. Do you know what causes more

Don't Fall into the 3 Scams of Reducing Creatinine

Dont fall into the 3 scams of reducing creatinine. They wont help you get well from kidney disease. On the contrary, they may make your disease get into uremia faster. In addition to urinary protein, more

Creatinine Level Just Over Normal Range, to Use Medicine Immediately? No

If creatinine level is just over normal range, should you use medicine immediately? No, you should be clear about this point firstly. Proteinuria, occult blood and serum creatinine are three carriages more

When Creatinine Is Elevated, Do These Two Things Immediately to Prevent Uremia

Elevated creatinine means the kidneys lose more than two-thirds of their function and begin the process of kidney failure. When hearing kidney failure, you may be at sea and think that uremia is near. more

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