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Can High Creatinine Level Come to Normal

Can high creatinine level come to normal? This question was put forward for many times by renal patients. We could understand your feeling that you want to get well soon, but this can not be more

How Long Can I Live with A 7 Creatinine Level

The higher your creatinine level, the more severe your kidney damage and the more risks you will run. That is why many patients worry about their life expectancy. How long can I live with a 7 more

High Creatinine Level Can Be Treated in This Way

The changes of serum creatinine level mainly depends on glomerular filtration rate (GFR). When GFR decreases, creatinine level increases, and creatinine level is one of the indexes for evaluating more

Is Dialysis A Must for Patients with Creatinine Level Over 700

Most renal patients know that creatinine 707 is the limit to start dialysis. But sometimes even if creatinine is over 8 or 900, some patients do not start dialysis, while for some patients, they have more

What Is the Danger of High Creatinine Level, and How to Reduce Creatinine Quickly

High creatinine level is an important index that troubles many renal patients. The most question asked by renal patients is that how to reduce creatinine level. Why there is creatinine? And how does more

Creatinine Level 6: Is It Dialysis Time

When creatinine level increases to 6, you may be suggested to prepare for dialysis. Then is it really dialysis time? Of course not. With proper treatment, you can keep dialysis far away. Now go on more

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