Can Chinese Medicine Really Reduce High Creatinine and Proteinuria

The most concerned problems of kidney patients are high creatinine level and proteinuria. Can Chinese medicine really reduce high creatinine and proteinuria? Under general circumstances, most renal more

Will Eating Walnuts Improve Creatinine

With high creatinine, kidneys are usually severely damaged so that they can not eliminate metabolic wastes from body. Will eating walnuts improve creatinine? Read on to learn more information. more

5 Drugs for Lowering Creatinine Level

Once elevated creatinine is detected, you may be concerned that the condition will deteriorate and quickly develop uremia. Therefore, you may ask doctors for specific drugs to reduce creatinine as more

Creatinine 7: What Are Chances to Live and How Long

Question: My husband was recently tested and his creatinine level was above 7, what are his chances to live and how long? He has refused any medication. Answer: Your husbands creatinine level is quite more

A Sudden Rise in Creatinine Must Be A Decrease in Renal Function?

Many renal patients may have had such an experience: creatinine level has been stable, but it rises suddenly. Does renal function decline again? The doctor may tell you to wait until the next test. more

How to Reduce Creatinine Level and Avoid Uremia

For kidney patients, proteinuria may be just a piece of cake, while creatinine is a serious matter, because once it increases, it means kidneys begin to fail. What to do when creatinine elevates? more

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