What Is the Best Remedy for Patients with 10% Kidney Function

2018-10-01 15:31

Question: I have a kidney problem. I want to know what is the best remedy, for my kidney is working only 10%?

What Is the Best Remedy for Patients with 10% Kidney FunctionAnswer: 10% renal function means you are in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), the worst stage of CKD. Under normal circumstance, you need to start dialysis to maintain your life. Have you started dialysis? It can cleanse the accumulated waste products from the blood and reduce associated complications so as to make you alive. But dialysis is not the best remedy? Then how about kidney transplant? It is often considered as the best treatment for kidney failure patients, because it can help you get rid of dialysis and live a relatively natural life. But do you know that the transplanted kidney can only survive several years and you have to take immunosuppressants for long-term to prevent rejection?

Alternative treatment for patients with 10% kidney function

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, we usually use Toxin-Removing Treatment for patients with declined renal function. This treatment is also known as Detoxification Therapy. It is actually a systemic treatment, which includes 9 therapies, such as plasma exchange, oral Chinese medicine, external Chinese therapies, etc. Those therapies work together to eliminate waste products and extra fluid from body via urine, sweat and bowel movement. They can also restore the balance of anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory cytokines to reduce renal inflammation and control the disease from getting worse. Moreover, they can expand blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into kidneys so that enough essential elements such as oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients of medicine can be transported into nidus to speed up kidney recovery.

After about one week’s treatment, you will see changes in your urine. It will become smelly and cloudy due to the existence of wastes.

After about half month’s treatment, high creatinine, urea, uric acid and other wastes will be reduced. Symptoms such as weakness, swelling, high blood pressure, skin itching and so on will get relieved.

After about one month’s treatment, your illness condition will get stable, and your renal function will get improved gradually.

What is the best remedy for patients with 10% renal function? You should talk with your doctor and find out the most suitable treatment. If you are interested in the above treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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