Treating Proteinuria Is Critical for Preventing Uremia

2018-09-11 15:52

Treating Proteinuria Is Critical for Preventing UremiaUrine protein is a haunting nightmare. No matter what type of kidney disease you have, proteinuria always follows. To bring it under control, many patients cost a lot of money. But some renal patients think that proteinuria is just an indicator, and it is unnecessary to worry about it.

Severity of protein leakage

It can affect body cell construction. When the kidney becomes diseased, the glomerular filtration function begins to decline, and the macromolecular proteins are squeezed out. And as kidney function damage worsens, the glomeruli 's fissure will get bigger and bigger, and chronic protein leakage will result in complete loss of glomeruli' s filtration function. In such a case, kidney function will lose and uremia will come.

Therefore, it is critical to treat proteinuria. The problems involved in the treatment of urinary protein are solved according to the etiology, nature and progression of the disease. In general, the treatment regimen is as follows:

1. Protein supplement

Since your body leaks protein, the direct way is to supplement moderate protein timely so as to reduce the effect on body. In general, intravenous drip injection is mainly used, which can be operated at home.

2. Drug treatment

At present, the main method of treating urinary protein in nephropathy medical field is hormone, and strictly speaking, immunosuppressant is also the category of hormone. Hormones can reduce renal cell permeability, preventing urine protein leakage and reducing or temporarily halting kidney damage. And the application of hormone to treat kidney disease has been very mature in clinic, most hospitals can do it.

3. Combination of Chinese and western medicine for comprehensive treatment

For many patients, when they take hormones, kidney damage is temporarily stopped, and urinary protein will not leak out. But once the drug is discontinued, urinary protein gets relapse. Therefore, patients need to adopt integrated Chinese medicine and western medicine.

During the treatment period, renal function damage can be temporarily controlled, but the root cause of renal function damage has not been solved. The body still accumulates large amounts of immune compounds and metabolic waste, which are often the root cause of kidney damage.

Therefore, timely elimination of blood toxins is the key to treating kidney disease. Only in this way, the oxidative stress response in the cells will be suppressed, the cells will not secrete abnormal proteins and harmful factors, the immune overreaction in the blood will be stopped, the production of antigen-antibody complexes will be reduced, the damage of organs will be stopped, and the complete lowering of urinary proteins will become a reality.

Without good control of proteinuria, it will cause further kidney damage and lead to uremia quickly. For more information on proteinuria treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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