Should I Eat During My Dialysis Treatment

2019-02-23 16:44

Should I Eat During My Dialysis TreatmentEach hemodialysis session lasts 4-5 hours. Whether in the morning or afternoon, dialysis patients may have a meal during the dialysis process. Because in the process of dialysis, blood flow, digestive function and metabolism will be accelerated, which will make the dialysis patients feel hungry, and also make the patients have more food needs. But from the perspective of dialysis safety and dialysis effect, is it good or bad to eat in the process of dialysis?

It is better not to eat during dialysis. There are the following negative factors in eating during dialysis:

1. It makes dialysis dehydration inaccurate. The amount of dehydration needed for each dialysis should be equal to the weight before dialysis minus the dry weight plus 100 or 200 ml of backwater, but if you want to eat and drink, you need to estimate its weight and plus it to calculate the total amount. Because there will be many situations during dialysis, such as blood pressure problems, temperature problems, appetite problems, which may make eating not proceed as expected so as to cause excessive dehydration.

2. Eating during dialysis can lead to unstable blood pressure. Because dialysis causes rapid changes in the body environment and unstable blood pressure. If you eat again, it will aggravate this situation, especially in patients with heart disease, hypotension, and persistent hypertension, which may also lead to danger.

3. Uncomfortable eating can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, which affects the dialysis effect. Overeating, overcooling, greasy and other conditions can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting or diarrhea, which will affect the effect of dialysis.

4. The food eaten during dialysis cannot be dialyzed out. Some people think that food eaten during dialysis will be removed from the body with dialysis, which is impossible. Because it takes several hours for food to digest and absorb except water and alcohol, it is impossible to get rid of the waste during dialysis.

5. Eating during dialysis can increase the loss of protein and nutrients during dialysis.

There are so many disadvantages to eat during dialysis. Then should you eat during dialysis? It should be determined according to the specific circumstances of each person:

1. The last meal before dialysis must be good and full. The meal before dialysis is very important. We must eat enough, eat more high-quality protein, and eat more high-calorie food, which will supplement the protein and calories lost in dialysis to a certain extent, and maintain the stability of blood pressure.

2. During dialysis, you can drink a little water. If you feel hungry or sweating or hypotension symptoms, you can eat some sugar. According to the situation, 10-30g is OK. Sugar will soon enter the body and play a role.

If you have to eat, you must eat soft, digestible, and light food to minimize the discomfort.

Should I eat during my dialysis treatment? Now you get the answer. For more information on dialysis, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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