When Should Kidney Failure Patients Start Dialysis

2017-11-11 16:28

When Should Kidney Failure Patients Start DialysisDialysis is an artificial kidney to replace injured kidneys to perform part of renal function. Generally, when creatinine level is over 500umol/L, patients can not bear and dialysis is required. However, there are also some patients whose creatinine level has been over 1000umol/L, dialysis is started at this time. Then, when should kidney failure patients begin dialysis?

This depends on kidney patients’ specific illness condition.

Dialysis is effective to lower down high creatinine level. Creatinine level 1000 can be reduced to 800 or even less after just several hours. But there are disadvantages of dialysis. Kidney failure patients need to take regular dialysis. If not, creatinine level will increase quickly. However, if kidney failure patients take a long time of dialysis, kidneys will finally fail. With the decline of kidney function, dialysis frequency will be increased and finally uremia occurs. Then the only way for you is kidney transplant.

Dialysis is just temporary not a long time of treatment. Dialysis is not the only way for high creatinine level. How to reduce high creatinine level without dialysis?

Currently we use unique Chinese medicine treatments to block renal fibrosis and improve renal function. This can lower down your high creatinine level without dialysis. The treatment is simple and curative effect is obvious. Elevated creatinine level is decreased by improving your own renal function.

Dialysis just replaces kidneys to discharge toxins fails to restore kidney damage. It can temporarily excrete toxins from your body and relieve toxic damage to your body. Dialysis is not a treatment for kidneys and can not stop the development of kidney damage. If you still have urine output, it indicates your kidneys still have detoxifying function. Along with dialysis, you also need to take systematic and positive Chinese medicine treatments to recover your kidney intrinsic cells.

Dialysis is started based on patients’ specific illness condition. It is not the only option for high creatinine level. Chinese medicine treatments can be a better choice. Email tsthospital@hotmail.com for detailed information.

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