How to Prevent Kidney Failure for Diabetic Patients

2017-06-23 16:23

How to Prevent Kidney Failure for Diabetic PatientsNowadays diabetes becomes the leading cause of kidney failure. How to prevent kidney failure for diabetic patients? If you are interested in this topic, go on reading to learn more information.

To lower high blood sugar level

Years of uncontrolled diabetes can cause kidney damage. Do you know why? To remove excess sugar from body, your kidneys have to work hard every day. Long-term of overwork can cause damage. Therefore, to prevent kidney damage, you should lower high blood sugar level. Conventional treatment for diabetes is medications, diet and exercises. If you do not like western medicine, you can try Chinese medicine. In our hospital, we have helped a lot of diabetics to get rid of the dependence on insulin.

To lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common complication of diabetes. And it is also the second leading cause of kidney damage. Once you find that your blood pressure elevates, you should take medicines on time to keep it down and stable. Conventional treatment is ACEI or ARBs. You can also use Chinese medicine to dilate blood vessels to lower high blood pressure.

To do regular checkups

In the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, you will not have any obvious symptoms, so it is likely for you to ignore the kidney damage. Regular checkups can help you have a clear knowledge of your physical condition so as to take measures timely to prevent further kidney damage. Microalbuminuria is the typical symptom of Diabetic Nephropathy. When you do tests, pay attention to this index. If your kidneys have began to fail to work, do not worry too much. Timely treatment can help you preserve residual kidney function and keep dialysis and kidney transplant away.

How to prevent kidney failure for diabetic patients? Hope the above information is helpful for you. We are a kidney disease specialized hospital in China. If you would like to know more information about our hospital and our treatment, please ealve a message below or contact online doctor.

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