To Avoid Kidney Damage Caused by Diabetes, You Should Do 3 Things

2018-10-02 15:07

To Avoid Kidney Damage Caused by Diabetes, You Should Do 3 ThingsGenerally speaking, with a history of diabetes for over 5 years, if there is massive proteinuria and swelling, you should be alert for kidney damage. How to avoid kidney damage for diabetics? Do the following three things as early as possible.

1. To keep blood glucose level stable for long-term

The stability of blood glucose is the basis of the stability of diabetes. To avoid kidney failure, diabetics should take hypoglycemic drugs or insulin injection, adhere to the principles of a low-salt, low-sugar, low-fat diet, and control hba1c below 7% for long-term. The incidence of kidney disease is lower in diabetics with stable blood glucose for 10 years, compared to those with transient high or low blood glucose, persistent low or high blood glucose.

2. To pay attention to the treatment of factors such as blood pressure and blood lipid

Too high blood pressure and blood lipid can also damage the kidney, and also cause cardiovascular diseases. For patients with diabetes for 10 years or more, most of them are accompanied by hypertension and high blood lipid. For blood pressure control, antihypertensive drugs such as ACEI or ARBs are the first choice. In severe cases, a combination of antihypertensive drugs can be used, and it is better to maintain blood pressure below 130/80 for a long time. To lower blood lipid, statins can be used, and LDL should be controlled below 2.6 mmol/L.

3. Review cannot be less, and living habits should be improved.

To prevent renal failure, the first thing to do is prevention. Regular physical examination review of various indicators can help you detect the signs of kidney disease timely, and then you can take measures quickly to prevent further damage. Patients with a history of diabetes for 5 years or more should stick to the examination of urine routine and renal function to learn about kidney disease. In addition, the habit of drinking alcohol, staying up, smoking and overeating should be changed.

Now you know the 3 things you should do to avoid kidney damage caused by diabetes. For more information on Diabetic Nephropathy, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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