Six Weapon to Fight against Diabetes

2017-08-10 17:55

Six Weapon to Fight against Diabetes

A life with diabetes is another kind of brilliant.

You must be more strict in self-discipline, learn more knowledge about living healthy. Now there are six weapons to fight against diabetes, and necessary to control blood sugar. Here we go:

1. Eating

To living in a healthy life, we diabetes patients should learn how to eat healthily.

Each diet eats 70%-80%, do not over eat, have more meals a day but less food at each, and finish your dinner before 19 o’clock.

Varity your diet, and never over eating.

Ensure at least 12 kinds of food, and at least 25 kinds a week.

Eat vegetables first, better choose green vegetables, and then eat meat, eggs, milk, beans and finally staple food.

Try pistachio with staple food, it is better to controlling blood sugar.

2. Exercise

Practice is the power of life. To have a better blood sugar, we have to learn how to control exercise.

Aerobic exercise + weight training + flexibility exercises. No one can be left.

About the aerobic exercise, keep 20 to 30 minutes a day with medium level which means you can talk frequently but can not sing. At least 5 times a week.

Weight training at least 3 times a week, and 20 minutes each time. Once another day.

We suggest keep flexibility exercise everyday.

Do not sit steady after dinner, you can wash your dishes, have a walk.

3. Monitor

Keep monitor blood sugar will let you know the level and the controlling effect of your activity, as well as your treatment.

Keep a regular record and monitor, frequency is depends on your specific condition.

No only monitor fasting blood glucose, but postprandial blood sugar, and bedtime blood sugar.

Increase the frequency when blood sugar is not stable.

When blood sugar increased, do not fell puzzled, find the reason and avoid it.

Do glycosylated hemoglobin test at least once in three month. It can help you evaluate the blood sugar condition.

4. Medicine

Medicine can help you reduce the blood sugar level, but if you can not control your diet, the best medicine will help you nothing.

Choosing medicine, it is not the newest or most expensive one is best, but the suitable good for you.

Medicine dosage and formula is not stable, but change with your condition.

Do follow your doctors’ direction, take the right dosage, never change the dosage yourself.

Insulin will not cause addiction, and if your condition is well controlled, it can be removed.

No matter what medicine you take, do test your liver and kidney function.

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