4 Early Symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy

2018-05-04 17:24

4 Early Symptoms of Diabetic NephropathyChronic high blood sugar level can lead to systemic complications, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Diabetic Nephropathy and diabetic retinopathy, among which Diabetic Nephropathy is an important complication of diabetes, because it is the most common cause of kidney failure. But it can prevent or delay the progression of the disease by strictly controlling blood glucose and start comprehensive intervention in the early stage.

4 early symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy

1. Frequent urination at night: in recent years, it has been found that renal tubular injury can occur in the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, which can be characterized by increased nocturnal urination and decreased urine specific gravity. Therefore, Diabetic Nephropathy can also be detected by examining renal tubular function.

2. Increased bubbles in urine: microalbuminuria is the early signs of kidney damage. For early Diabetic Nephropathy, it is recommended to check urinary albumin/creatinine radio, which is currently recognized as the most effective screening method for urinary microalbumin. You need to collect the first morning urine sample on an empty stomach. Avoid strenuous exercises, infections, fever, pregnancy, heart failure, hyperglycemia or hypertension, UTIs, etc. As the amount of urine protein increases, you may have symptoms such as increased bubbles in urine, edema in eyelid or lower limb, etc. At this time, the urine should be tested in the hospital in time. For diabetics without any symptoms, urine protein should be tested every years so as to achieve the goal of early detection and treatment.

3. Elevated creatinine level: some Diabetic Nephropathy patients do not have proteinuria, but they indeed have abnormal renal function. In such a case, glomerular filtration rate (e-GFR) is the best method to evaluate renal function.

4. Blurred vision: diabetic retinopathy and Diabetic Nephropathy both belong to the small blood vessel complication of diabetes. The two are highly correlated, and most Diabetic Nephropathy patients have retinopathy. Therefore, if you find retinopathy, you should be alert to the possibility of diabetic kidney disease. And if you have blurred vision, you should go to see ophthalmologist timely to check eyes.

The above are the four early symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy. If you have any of them, go to see a doctor. You can also leave a message below or contact our online doctor for help.

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