Q&A for Diabetes Patients and Diet Suggestions

2017-08-13 16:47

Q&A for Diabetes Patients and Diet Suggestions

Diet is diabetes and diabetic nephropathy patients care about most, and they have so many questions about diet. It is good for them to concern this area, after all, diet can help you enjoy a better effect of medicine and make you free from complications.

Question: Can pumpkin reduce blood sugar?

Rumors: Yes, no pro. Eating pumpkin can reduce blood sugar.

Senior: pumpkin is a healthy food, rich in nutrients. Compare with rice in same quality, pumpkin has less calorie and has less blood sugar increase. But, pumpkin is rich in starch, if you eat rice without limiting the pumpkin intake, blood sugar will increase too. The right choice is when eat pumpkin, reduce some staple food.

Question: Can we eat no sugar products?

Rumors: diabetes are so poor that can not eat this and that. Luckily we have sugar-free products.

S: Sugar-free does not mean there is no sugar. It often use sugar alcohol to replace sucrose, glucose, maltose, fructose, but the final metabolism is glucose, which will increase blood sugar. Besides, sugar-free products are made of rice, flour, and many lipa, which contains plenty calorie. So, control the intake is necessary.

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