Serum Endostatin Can Help Predict Whether Diabetes Develops to Uremia

2019-01-02 07:10

Serum Endostatin Can Help Predict Whether Diabetes Develops to UremiaKidney international, a leading kidney disease journal, recently published a study showing that serum endostatin can predict kidney outcomes in patients with diabetes.

People with diabetes have a higher risk of kidney damage.

In diabetic patients, people with kidney disease is about 40%, and Diabetic Nephropathy has become a kind of kidney disease with the largest number of patients. Besides, Diabetic Nephropathy is the leading cause of uremia.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can lead to diabetic nephropathy so as to cause uremia. Diabetic nephropathy is difficult to treat, and early prediction and discovery are of great significance.

Previously, the accuracy of traditional predictors was not high enough to distinguish high-risk diabetes patients, while serum endostatin takes the accuracy of traditional predictors to a new level.

Serum endostatin predicts the outcome of kidneys.

The study included 1,058 diabetic subjects, whose serum endostatin was measured and assessed for association with a 40 percent decrease in kidney function and the development of uremia.

The results showed that for every log2 increase in serum endostatin in diabetic patients, the risk of kidney disease increased by about 2.5 times, and there was a strong correlation between the two.

We need new biomarkers to predict the progression of kidney disease in patients with diabetes, especially those whose glomerular filtration rate (renal function) has not decreased, and this test is needed to guide treatment.

If you do not want to have Diabetic Nephropathy, you should take treatment as early as possible to control diabetes well.

-Diet. Pay attention to the combination of vegetables, meat and staple food to eat, which can reduce the burden of pancreatic islet and correct the disorder of metabolism so as to control weight into a reasonable range, and control blood sugar in a normal range.

-Exercise. According to your own situation, to develop a reasonable exercise program, which not only to a certain extent control blood sugar and reduce weight, but also enhance insulin sensitivity, reduce insulin resistance, and improve blood lipid level and cardiovascular function;

-Medication. Take medicine on time. Do not skip or stop medicine without the instructions of doctors.

All in all, if you are diabetics, and want to know whether your diabetes develops to uremia or not, you can test your serum endostatin. For more information on diabetes, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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