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To Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy, You Should Not Only Control Diet, But Also Do This Test

2018-04-17 16:16

Diabetic Nephropathy is one of the complications of diabetes. If you can not control blood sugar level well, you will have kidney damage within 5-10 years. In severe case, diabetes can cause uremia so as to affect your living quality. Diabetic Nephropathy is the result of many factors, thereby to prevent it, you should start out from many aspects. Here we conclude several points. Which one have you done?
To Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy, You Should Not Only Control Diet, But Also Do This Test

1. To control blood sugar level strictly.

Long-term high blood sugar level can increase blood flow into kidneys and put extra stress on kidneys. It can also cause damage to glomerular microvascular degeneration. And some other factors together cause kidney damage. Therefore, it is the most effective measure to prevent Diabetic Nephropathy. HBALC should be controlled into 7%.

2. To control blood pressure strictly.

The damage of both high blood sugar level and high blood pressure is 1+1>2. Therefore, no matter guidelines for treatment of hypertension or for diabetes, they both require diabetics to strictly control blood pressure under 130/80 mmHg.

3. To control blood cholesterol level.

High blood cholesterol level can also cause glomerular microvascular sclerosis. To strictly control blood cholesterol level can reduce or delay kidney damage. You had better check your blood cholesterol for at least once every year, including triglyceride, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein. The last one should be attached more importance. It should be controlled into 2.6 mmol/L. If you have coronary heart disease, it should be controlled into 1.8 mmol/L.

4. To control diet and improve lifestyle.
To Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy, You Should Not Only Control Diet, But Also Do This Test

Besides the well-known diabetic food, you should strictly restrict salt intake, reduce food high in purine and fat, reduce weight, do exercises moderately, stop alcohol and smoking.

If you have proteinuria, but kidney function is still normal, protein intake should be controlled into 80-100g per day, and high quality protein is recommended.

Because there are not very obvious symptoms in early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, it is easy for you to ignore them. If you can observe the lesion on kidneys, it is possible for you to reverse Diabetic Nephropathy.

Here we recommend you to do this test every year. It is microalbuminuria test.

There are several ways to check the urine microalbumin, including the concentration of urine microalbumin, the radio of urine microalbumin and creatinine, and the excretion rate of the urine microalbumin in 8 hours. By far the most recommended testing method is to see the radio of urine microalbumin and creatinine. It requires you to retain a tube of morning urine that is passed out after getting up, and then send it for checkups. It can reflect kidney condition more accurately.

To Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy, You Should Not Only Control Diet, But Also Do This Test
Besides urine microalbumin test, kidney function test and urine routine examination are also commonly used checkups to help you have a clear mind of the severity of Diabetic Nephropathy. But they are not early detection, but advanced stage. For more information on Diabetic Nephropathy, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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