4 Good Habits Can Help You Stabilize Blood Sugar Level

2018-10-10 15:27

4 Good Habits Can Help You Stabilize Blood Sugar LevelLong-term diabetes is extremely prone to some serious complications, such as Diabetic Nephropathy, diabetic foot, diabetic cardiovascular disease, diabetic retinopathy, etc. In severe cases, it can cause disability or even threaten life, which adds a lot of difficulty to treatment.

To overcome these complications, besides active medication, long-term control of blood glucose stability should also pay attention to some daily behaviors, especially those affecting blood glucose stability.

In daily life, what habits are equivalent to chronic suicide for people with diabetes?

Unreasonable diet structure

Diet control is also a key part of treatment. Diabetics should not only pay attention to the diet low in sugar, but also stick to the diet low in salt, fat and cholesterol. But it does not mean you can only take vegetables.

Do not like sports. Sitting or lying for a long time.

For some diabetics, due to hard work, they would rather sit or lie on bed or sofa than do sports after meals. However, if they do not know that they only take medicine purely and do not pay attention to exercises, it is not only difficult to control their weight and blood sugar level, but also affects the secretion of insulin, and the effect of medicine will be greatly reduced.

Do not test blood sugar level regularly

For people with a long history of diabetes, if their blood glucose is stable, blood glucose can be measured every 3 months, but for patients with unstable blood sugar level, it should be tested every month. For those with serious condition, it should be tested every day.

High mental pressure leads to blood sugar fluctuation

At present, diabetes cannot be cured completely. In this way, some diabetics are very worried about the sudden aggravation of the disease, which may endanger their lives. In addition, some young patients are under great pressure from work and life, which may affect their blood sugar unconsciously. Some diabetics even have depression and insomnia. Without their own adjustment, it may form a vicious circle.

Bad habits are not conducive to blood glucose stability. On the contrary, some good habits can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Abstain from stimulant food such as cigarettes and alcohol; Exercise at least half an hour a day. Elderly diabetic patients can choose tai chi, slow walking, gymnastics or park equipment exercise. Young and middle-aged diabetics can go to the gym to swim or jog, do exercises and kick shuttlecock in the park after work. To communicate with doctors about the disease, and adjust the medication plan in time. To keep positive and relaxed attitude towards illness and life.

These seemingly small things have a great influence on blood sugar control. If diabetics can pay attention to them early and stick to them, the hypoglycemic effect will be unexpectedly good.

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